This Is Ellen!

Game Day

After the game

Today was a nice day, even though I woke up too late because I accidentally turned off my alarm instead of just snoozing and missed my first lesson (oh well, too bad...hehe). My next lesson and my only one, was russian, it was actually quite nice. We were practising for the matriculation exams and it actually went okay this time. After school I had to do some boring stuff like going to the bank and then I went to the library and studied until I had to leave for the game. Today was game day, it was IFK against Kärpät, I have a season ticket so I try to go as often as I can. Of course IFK won the game 4-1, it really was a good game, though I cannot say anything good about the judges (but is it not always like that?). 


Better day

It is very strange how Mondays very often feel horrible but Tuesdays can be quite nice. After writing that blogpost yesterday my Monday got even worse, I had my horse riding and happened to fall off, twice! But today has been a better day, you know it in the morning if your day is going to be great or horrific. This morning I got to wake up a little later, I had time to eat breakfast and clean my room a little (even if it still is a mess), I went early to school, talked with my friends, got a late Christmas present (Thank you, Ylva), the food in school was eatable (if that even is a word) and I found out about an exciting opportunity that I could maybe tell about later. Oh, actually I forgot to mention two other positive things about this day, I took a selfie that I am very happy about (and of course posted it everywhere, because when you once get the perfect light you cannot just do nothing) aand I found out that I will have a lot of fun stuff this weekend! Just wanted to update you on these positive things (:



If only I could be as calm as this photo. I took this in Thailand and now afterwards when I look at it, it really has a calming effect. 

We all know what happens when you have an incoming deadline... Instead of actually doing what you will have to do at some point you try to get away from the duty by doing anything else but that. Just like me right now. Today is Monday, there are a few Mondays I have ever looked forward to in my life and this was not one of them. First day of school after the holidays and still it felt like I was already tired and stressed. I am one of those people who stress about everything, a certain amount of stress is good for you but I have reached the limit a long time ago. This Monday did not get any better when I found out about a deadline I had totally forgotten. The deadline is tomorrow and I even left school early to work on my essay and still here I am writing this post. 

I have a thousand things to do and the only thing making me feel any better is that I only have 20 schooldays left. In about 9 weeks we have the matriculation exams. In June I have some entrance exams for universities. After that, maybe, just maybe I could be without stress for a while. Until then I will just have to survive, like everyone else. 


Why only tell about the good stuff?

Our family is a fan of horse riding, this time my dad was not able to join us.

Do you ever get tired of reading of peoples perfect lives? We all know that their life is not perfection, they have just chosen to write about the positive things in life. But sometimes you cannot help but think, would it be different if most of the people chose to also write about the boring, shitty and sad parts of their life. 

I want to write about my life in a positive way but I do not want leave stuff out that matters and that stuff can sometimes be everything else but positive. The photos in this post are taken in Thailand, in my old blog I always used to write about vacations abroad because then you have memories written down and you can go back and read them whenever you feel like it. This trip was different in many ways, I finally turned 18 in the summer so I had permission to take a cocktail if I felt like it, my sisters have grown up a little bit (they like to spend time in the sun and on the beach unlike me, their role model is Kylie Jenner, unlike me) and my mum had for once not planned the whole trip minute by minute (that is what she usually does). Oh and my dad? Well he has not changed, though I was quite surprised when he managed to read four books during those two weeks, when all I did was... I do not even know. 

Two weeks in Thailand was filled with a lot, even though everything was not planned well ahead. Especially in the beginning of the trip I was a little upset, about what? Well everything. I am just going to blame it on all the stress with school I left behind me in Finland. And then I am going to blame it on the ants that took over my bag (fortunately we got an upgrade and got to move out of that room). I could also blame it on the guard that sometimes (or always) got very annoying, I guess he liked me... A lot. Some highlights I could mention? A two-day trip to Myanmar(Burma), canoeing on Christmas (24th), private speedboating and snorkeling and new years eve! I do not know how many of these family trips I will be joining in the future, since I am hopefully going to move out when I hopefully get into an university (I am not saying that this would limit my trips but at some point it is time to do your own trips, without your family). But you never know what the future might bring you, right?


A new start?

At first, hello my name is Ellen as you probably can see. This is not my first blog, I have had one before and it is still available I just do not write anything there anymore. That blog, I started when I was 13 years old (that is a while ago), last year in the spring I lost my motivation for that blog and I did not know if I ever would like to start writing again.

Somehow this Saturday evening I created this blog, it might be because I am bored (I mean it would have been fun to party today) or maybe I just wanted to start writing my thoughts down. This blog is going to be about what I do and what I think, in the world we live today honesty is important because it sometimes can be very rare. My first post, this one, is in english but I might also write in Swedish and Finnish.